MG Homestay Services

MG Homestay

Guardianship Services

General guardianship services included:

  • newly arrived students are picked up from the airport
  • new students are given orientation to get familiar with Singapore
  • the guardians take special care of students whenever they become sick
  • encouraging students to be supportive of one another
  • homestay establishment is kept in a clean and safe condition
  • students are encouraged to contact their parents or their home when needed
  • house rules in place to safeguard student's safety and well-being

Education Matters

At MG homestay, our guardians provide counseling with proper academic advice to students from different age groups.

  • Special attentions are given to Primary and Secondary students seeking admission to Singapore Government schools. This includes assisting students in looking for suitable preparatory school preparing them for Ministry of Education centralized admission tests (AEIS & S-AEIS)
  • Students receive counseling helping them select the most suitable school
  • We act as legal guardian for the students. Guardians will closely monitor the students’ school progress and feedback will be given to the parents
  • We help in selecting qualified and suitable private tutors for the students
  • We assist in applying for a Student's Pass

Financial Matters

For younger students the guardian can assist their parents in the following:

  • Controlling child expenses. Parents can remit the money to a special bank account where we can help distribute to students weekly or on a certain date as instructed by the parents. This arrangement will save on the bank transfer charges
  • Arrange in paying monthly school fees

Homestay Fees

With all of the above services, our homestay is still very competitively priced. The homestay fee includes many guardianship services that others charge extra for. For the latest homestay fees, see Homestay Fees.